All the Questions

Who Uses A Virtual Assistant?

How will a Virtual Assistant Benefit You?

Why Hire A Virtual Assistant?​

My mission is to help you define clear actionable tasks, streamline your workflow and to create momentum towards your business goals. Whether it’s on-going support or just project-based, Desk Happy provides on-demand executive assistant services, either in-person or virtually, to help you get that task list done!


Why Not Hire an Employee? Or Contractor?

Ranging from book keeping to graphic design as well as marketing and social media support, Desk Happy offers a variety of services to help your business thrive.

What Are Desk Chats?

Why Small Business Coaching?

What's does Executive mean anyway?

Why do you use contracts?

How Does Pricing Work?

How Will I Know How Many Hours I've Used or Have Left?

Will I Have to Buy any Software to Work Together?

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