Developing Social Proof for Your Business

Social Proof is so important to getting new clients. But how do you develop social proof? And what is it anyway?

In her podcast The Freelance Friday Podcast, Latasha James tells us what social proof is & why it's so important for your small business. You'll have to listen to get the full details but here's all the important bits from the podcast:

Client Reviews. Asking your clients to provide feedback or reviews is the most well known way of getting social proof. Your clients can write reviews on Google or Facebook which can be added to your website as well. An easy to way to collect client reviews is to develop an automated workflow that sends your client

an email with your feedback questionnaire & links to write reviews on Google & Facebook.

Case Studies. Another type of social proof is the case study. You can write case studies for work you've already completed. It describes a project, it's objective & desired outcomes. You can easily write a case study by answering these questions:

  • Problem. Why were you hired? What was the problem? What were you trying to achieve?

  • Solutions. How did you do that? What tools did you use? What processes did you use? What was your specific role?

  • Results. Show as much data to demonstrate quantifiable results. Graphs, charts, numbers, & analytics.

Use a template in Canva to customize graphics to illustrate your case study. Share your Case Studies on your website for potential clients to read. You can also send out case studies when pitching to a new client or applying for gigs.

Collaborate. Another way of developing social proof is to collaborate with other influencers, creators & entrepreneurs. A collaboration is sort of like an endorsement, basically saying I support this person, their work and believe in what they're doing.

You could invite someone onto your YouTube channel or ask an influencer to host your webinar. Or more traditional collaborations where you send a product to an influencer to post it on their feed or social media channels.

Collaboration helps generate interest in your products or services by letting influencers put their stamp of approval on it and that's a great way of generating social proof.

Visit a free to use website tool, to connect with influencers within your industry. You never know until you ask. You can also pay influencers to promote your course, wear your t-shirt, or hold your product.

"The power of influencer marketing comes from authentic human engagement. Influencers can help you build brand awareness, create content and drive sales"

Interview Your Clients.

Ask your current or past clients and students to be interviewed by you. Client reviews are best but writing reviews can be scary for people & so they put it off. Often they don't know what to say, so they say nothing.

Interviewing your clients helps you get the answers you want. Invite your clients to do a video or recording talking about themselves & how your product or services got results for them. If you hype up your client's successes & they will naturally want to hype up you too.

Get Quoted in a Publication. Build your social proof by providing quotes to media & news publications. Help a Reporter Out or "Haro" is a website where writers can post requests for quotes needed in their articles. You can respond to these pitches to be featured in publications. Use this tool to find publications that are looking for quotes from professionals in your area of expertise. Here's a few tips to get the most out of "Haro"

  • Read the Prompt 3 Times before responding. Make sure you address anything specific they want addressed, make sure your experience really is a good fit for the article.

  • Make Their Job Easier. Your quotes are more likely to be picked if you make it easy for the writer by making sure you tie in their specific requests in your quote.

  • Include Your Professional Details. Include a picture of yourself and your professional title. Use the email signature to link to your bio pages & a folder to headshots. Include links to your social media profiles so they can further verify who you are.

The Freelance Friday Podcast with Latasha James

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