Podcast: Small Business Made Simple

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

Learn why Google My Business is an important part of your digital marketing strategy

Small Business Made Simple Podcast with Jenn Donovan

Although this is an Australian podcast, there are lots of similar issues small business owners face no matter where they're geographically located! Many of the episodes deal with social media and that is definitely an issue all of us entrepreneurs struggle with.

What caught my attention was an episode on Google My Business. (Episode 85)

Like Jenn, I find myself talking a lot about the importance of Google My Business in digital marketing for small business owners. Often I feel their unreleased groans when I mention another platform to for social media content.

There are many benefits of utilizing Google My Business. According to Google businesses with photos see more clicks & higher direction requests. Now think about your Google My Business posts as mini digital ads that appear along with your business info in search results.

Give the podcast a listen! There's many more topics in the archives that I'm looking forward to dig into.

If your small business could use support with a digital marketing strategy, schedule a hello chat and we'll create a custom strategy for your small business needs.

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