Scheduling Content to Facebook & Instagram

Updated: Jun 27, 2021

This free resource will make your small business social media start working for you!

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For small business owners social media can be an overwhelming piece of their digital marketing strategy. Many just getting started entrepreneurs struggle with figuring out what content or how often to post to get the most of social media. Too often small business owners say they don't have the time to post to social media every day, and it doesn't have to be that way!

Importance of Social Media for Digital Marketing

Social media should be the cornerstone of your digital marketing strategy. Creating a business profile is free on most social media platforms. Having a social presence for your small business on increases awareness of your business organically by harnessing the power of likes, shares and updates.

"The unique benefit of social media marketing for small business is that it allows you to talk directly to customers and followers. You can build relationships over time, rather than asking for a sale upfront." <source>

Scheduling Content

Regularly posting content to your small business social media engages followers while also allowing driving new customers to your business through the use of hashtags and shares. You'll be able to see the results of your digital marketing strategy with social media analytics. Learn who's interacting with your business, how many new views and when they're online.

There are many paid social media scheduling tools available. But as a small business owner you might not be ready for another monthly subscription fee. Good news there's free tools that make scheduling content to your business Instagram & Facebook easy!

Facebook Creator Studio

Link to Facebook Creator Studio Tool

"Creator Studio allows users to manage one or more Facebook pages simultaneously in one place. You can track engagement metrics, respond to comments and messages directly in the inbox and be notified with important data about published content. The tool also makes it possible to create and edit posts on feed without having to access each one of them." <source>

Creator Studio is a powerful tool that you'll want to learn how to fully utilize to enhance your small business social media strategy. Among all the great things Creator Studio can do for you, you'll want to use it to schedule content quickly & easily for your social media profiles.

For small businesses just getting started with a digital marketing strategy, it will be to your advantage to use Creator Studio to post content to both your Facebook & Instagram accounts at the same time. You get double the exposure for the same content & create consistency across platforms.

To learn more about how to Schedule content using Creator Studio visit the link below

Link to Save, Schedule and Backdate Posts in Creator Studio

To learn more about how to use Creator Studio visit the link below

Link to About Creator Studio | Facebook Business